What are the ICO Goals?

The goal is to raise funds for platform development, legal fees, and marketing as well as for operational, administrative, and server/bandwidth costs.

What happened to the IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign?

Only after one week of receiving donations on IndieGogo they shut us down and refunded all campaign donations. The only explanation we had was that our project was too high risk. In other words, they censored and shut us down.

Why choose to have an ICO through Ethereum?

After being censored from IndieGogo, they shut down our campaign and returned all donations to our contributers. We had no say at all. We decided to continue in our efforts in the project to raise funds through ETH and allow our contributors to receive value for their contribution. Please see our Token offering details in the whitepaper. Through the immutability of the blockchain, contributions to support us cannot be stopped by anyone this time.

Do you have a slack channel?

No and for good reason. Slack has become a hotbed for phishers and ICO scammers. Alot of ICOs are disabling their slack during the ICO period because scammers are spamming fake addresses in an attempt to steal your crypto. Moreover, they have started to exploit slack vulnerabilities to send fake reminders to members as well. We don't want anyone to get scammed out of their crypto so we have taken a stand to not provide the opportunity for these individuals to scam others.

What do Freedom tokens do?

Freedom tokens are used as app tokens to access additional features on our platform such as: Promoting your channel, setting a password on your channel, adding entry fee to your channel, creating or adding emotes, etc. Tokens can also be transferred to other users as donations.

Can tokens be sent outside of the platform?

Yes. Tokens can be withdrawn from the platform and sent to your Ethereum address upon request. They can be freely transferred as an ERC20 token outside the platform.

What currencies are accepted during the ICO?

Only ETH (Ethereum) will be accepted as the ICO process will be automated through smart contract. You will receive your tokens immediately upon sending your contribution to the provided contract address.

Where do I send my ETH to?

An address will be provided here when the ICO goes live. Please do not send to any address provided by anyone else at any given time.

How do I see my tokens in my wallet?

We will provide contract addresses for you to check your token balances at the time of the ICO.

Can I send ETH from an exchange wallet?

No. Please do not do this or you will not receive your tokens. Always send your ETH from a wallet where you own your private keys when sending to a smart contract address. MyEtherWallet, Mist, or Parity would be examples of appropriate wallets to send from.

Is Freedom Streaming a free to use platform?

Yes. Anyone can live stream on our platform completely free of cost.

Can I use a disposable email address at sign-up?

Yes. We encourage you to do so as that is the only identifiable piece of information we will hold onto.

Will your platform retain IP address logs?

We only retain user IP address logs for a 24 hour period in order to ban abusive IP addresses. After a 24 hour period the logs are purged.

What broadcasting software will the site support?

We plan to support both OBS and Xsplit for professional streamers to create scenes and use various capture devices.

Can I transfer out my Freedom token balance?

Yes. We will send your Freedom tokens to the ETH (Ethereum) address you provide.

Can I transfer my balance to other users?

Yes. You can transfer your Freedom tokens to other users freely.

Why not run the site through TOR?

We want to operate on the clearnet and allow the masses the ability to stream their live content freely. TOR is a great project but high quality live streaming through TOR right now is not feasible in terms of speed and latency. We do not attempt to be a DarkNet site and plan to operate fully legally.

Do you plan to reach full decentralization of the platform?

We do have all intentions of doing so. However currently there is no viable means of doing so and providing real time live streaming content to the masses. Live streaming requires a media server to facilitate and allow the users to pull the stream. We are currently looking into the progression and development of projects like IPFS and SubStratum. When there is a viable solution to decentralization of live streaming media servers scalable to the scope of our project, we will be the first to implement it. Until then, we will be hosted on Amazon which has the capability and scalability to provide our services worldwide with minimal delay.